The Mighty Oaks

Hours & Phone

Office Hours 

Monday - Friday

7:30 to 3:30


Early Release Days

7:30 to 12:30


Phone Numbers

(209) 953-8068

(209) 953-8064 Fax


Bell Schedules

Regular Day Schedule
Period 1 8:00 - 8:50
Period 2 8:51 - 9:41
Break  9:41 - 9:56
Period 3 9:57 - 10:47
Period 4 10:48 - 11:38
Lunch  11:38 - 11:58
Period 5 11:59 - 12:49
Period 6 12:50 - 1:40
Early Release Day Schedule
Period 1

8:00 - 8:30

Period 2 8:31 - 9:01
Period 3 9:02 - 9:32
Break 9:32 - 9:44
Period 4 9:45 - 10:15
Period 5 10:16 - 10:46
Period 6 10:47 - 11:17
Lunch  11:17 - 11:37



Plaza Robles Mission Statement


It is the mission of Plaza Robles High School to provide a unique educational setting to assist students in reaching their academic and personal goals.  The school promotes respect for cultural diversity and inspires integrity and respect of self and others. The Plaza Robles staff gives students the time and place to Heal from previous academic difficulties, provides them with Hope for academic achievement, and Inspire them for their future success as well as provide alternative strategies for students to access the curriculum. These goals and classroom practices foster intellectual and social development and engage students in problem-solving, higher-order thinking skills, and learning activities that make the subject matter relevant to daily life. Furthermore, through the daily incorporation of our Schoolwide Goals and Learner Outcomes, we equip students with the skills and knowledge that empower them to be ethical, literate, responsible, and contributing members of their community.                                     

Our Mighty Oaks

Fundraising and Donations

Since we are a small alternative school we don't have the same access to student funds as a traditional high school.  Traditional high schools have access to more funds due to their Student Stores, ASB Stickers, activities, and sporting events.  We have to do a lot of work on our own and solicit as much community support as possible.  Your support will help give our students the much needed access and exposure to programs and events outside of campus.


So if you see or hear about a fundraising event for our school please come out and support us.  Or if you just want to make a donation to our campus it will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.   



Please continue to look here for future fundraising project and opportunities. 



We would like to give a huge appreciation to the Cardona Family, of our former student Valarie Cardona, for the generous donation of their Upright Piano that has been in their family for many many years,  We so very thankful for their gift to our students.  We are seeking to get it tuned soon but we've already had few students show us their pianist skills by playing for us during breakfast and lunch breaks.  

We had a Solar Cooker and Solar Panels donated to our Science Teacher Mr. Till by Donors Choose.  Mr. Till and a student used the Cooker to make hot dogs. 



Schoolwide Goals, Learner Outcomes, and Philosophy

Plaza Robles High School's Goal is to help Heal, give Hope, and Inspire so our students will demonstrate Literacy, Mastery, and Responsibility:

Literate Students will

  • Be able to speak, write and read Standard English.
  • Be able to read, comprehend and interpret books, newspapers and other media.
  • Be able to convey ideas in both written and oral mediums.
  • Be able to develop fluency in basic computational skills, procedural operations, problem solving skills and conceptual understanding.

Students who Demonstrate Mastery will

  • Show consistent improvement on  assessment related to the Common Core State Standards, including the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Tests
  • Show growth on standardized assessments for reading and mathematics that are administered at the beginning and  at the end of each school year
  • Meet district-wide graduation requirements
  • Leave Plaza Robles prepared to enter a post-secondary program or an entry level position that could lead to career in their chosen field.

Responsible Students will

  • Demonstrate a pattern of regular and punctual attendance
  • Demonstrate the development of positive study/work habits which promote self- reliance and effective time management.
  • Demonstrate the ability to be a positive, productive, and contributing member of our community.

Security Update

In an effort to maintain a safe and secure campus the front door to the office at Plaza Robles will remain locked throughout the school day. We ask that visitors ring the bell located just to the right of the doors. This will alert the office staff to your presence. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in our efforts to maintain a safe and secure campus. 

Today: 6/19/18

Testing This Week Monday 4/9 thru Friday 4/13


School Accountability Report Card Information

Please click on the School Report Card Tab above to see information about how are school is doing.  The tab will take you to important information regarding the School Accountability Report Card and a Link on how to get to our as well as other schools in our District.. 

*Only accessible from within the Lodiusd network.

Parent Involvement

Parents are a crucial part of a student being successful in school.  You are welcomed on campus so please feel free to visit your student's classes any time.  Just arrange with the Office the date and time you would like to visit and we will set it up.  We just need at least 24 hour notice to inform staff of your visit. Or you can set up an appointment with our Counselor, Administration, or Teachers to discuss any of your questions or concerns.  You can also email or call staff with any questions you may have.  Your partnership and support is vital to our work in helping students succeed.